Membership Costs

A Scout Group is entirely self-funded. The expenses of a Scout Group are various. A somewhat major cost is the purchasing of badges, certificates etc., (badges are presented as soon as they are earned and there is no call for parents to purchase their child’s badges).

In the Joey section there are only a limited number of badges to earn. However, this apparent saving is absorbed by the cost of the craft equipment and materials that are consumed in the normal programme activities.

The Group must also meet the cost of maintaining the Scout Hall itself and we have the normal water, electricity and insurance bills to pay. Then there is also the initial and ongoing cost of training leaders and the supply of their uniforms.

Fees consist of $58.00 for the Affiliation Fee and $60 per term per child (or $14.50 Affiliation Fee, $55 per term for the next child and $50 each subsequent child of the same family).


Fee payments can be made by:

  • direct bank transfer

For direct bank transfers please use the following details:

Bank: Westpac
Account Number: 168230
Account BSB: 035-039
Account Name: 1st Gilberton Scouts

Please list the last (family) name of the child that you are paying the fee for as part of the transfer details.

Please forward a copy of the payment receipt by email to

Fund Raising

The membership fees do not cover all the expenses of the Group. To supplement this, the Group runs a limited number of fund raising activities during the year. We count on your support for these fund raising activities.

Other Expenses

The affiliation and membership fees cover the cost of your child participating in the weekly activities and the general operating expenses of the group. Naturally with Scouting being fundamentally an outdoors-based programme, from time to time there are additional special activities like sleepovers, mob, pack or troop holidays, camps, hikes etc., that can either a day activity or be spread over 2 to 3 days, which your child will no doubt want to attend.

The cost of these activities is an extra expense to yourself. However you can be sure that we carefully aim to keep the price of such activities to a minimum.

Our aim is that each section has at least one overnight activity each term. Cost of these activities varies between Joey, Cub and Scouts sections and also with the travel distance. We suggest you allow approx. $50 to $100 per term for such overnight activities.

Please note that when we organise these events, the money you pay to attend is typically committed and spent well before the actual event happens. So in case you and/or your child are unable to come for whatever reason, we are unable to refund any of the costs.

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