End of year Group Break up

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End of year Group Break Up:
Friday 11th December 7pm – 9pm
At the Scout hall in the yard
Uniform required for all members
Bring your own picnic – due to COVID restrictions we cannot do a shared meal as usual so please bring food for your family.
We will provide soft drinks and ice creams/icy poles.
Bring comfy chairs, picnic blanket etc.
We will do our best to create a fun, family evening for us all to make the most of what has been a challenging year.

Return to Face to Face this week

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Our Face to Face Scouting will resume this week however the Joey Scouts will be Zooming – more information on that shortly, and the Scouts will no longer be visiting Eden Hills this week. I will pop information about our End of Year Break up after this post.

An update from Scouts SA:

Face to Face Scouting activities can resume from 1 December as long as the following considerations are included in your planning.
It is import that anyone attending activities, who has been asked to isolate or feels unwell, follow all directions of SA Health around isolating and testing, as always, continue to apply above any of our Scout communications issued.

Key considerations for Scouting activities for the end of 2020

- Activities to be conducted outside of Scout Halls wherever possible (weather permitting) – i.e. a local park, outside area of your hall, beach whenever possible
- Limit activities to no more than 2 hours
- Ensure any activities are run adhering to COVID requirements:
*No shared equipment, food or utensils (food can be provided as individual serves only)
*Density of 1 person per 4 sq/m when indoors and 1 person per 2 sq/m when outdoors
*Social distancing at 1.5 metres when not possible encourage the use of masks for persons over 12 years
*Contact tracing records are to be kept and made available upon request (if possible use the approved QR code system)
*Any members not feeling well or being instructed to isolate by SA Health or SA Police should not attend activities
*Be aware of and respond accordingly based on alerts and announcements from SA Health
- Overnight activities – please ensure that only members of the same household share a tent for any activities you are undertaking

COVID-19 Update

Cherie - Parents - 10 months ago (23 Mar 20)

To our youth members and families;
Our COVID safe plan Step 3 has been approved and we will be returning to Face to Face Scouting at the hall week commencing July 20th 2020.
There will be some changes to our Scouting experience as COVID 19 remains a concern and the necessary hygiene practices associated become a part of our normal.
If your child will not be returning to Scouting please advise us ASAP.
If your child is unwell they must not attend their meeting.
There will be attendance taken at each meeting to ensure we can contact trace where needed if a case occurs.
We will be cleaning frequent touch surfaces at the beginning and end of each meeting.
Hand sanitation on entry and exit is a requirement. Anyone who refuses will be asked to leave.
Please bring your youth member to the door of the Scout hall for meeting or for older members advise if they are making their own way to and from the hall. We ask that parents/carers do not hang around during the unit meetings unless they are a registered parent helper/leader.
DO NOT socialise outside the hall doors at drop off/pickup times. We need to maintain social distancing requirements and will face fines of up to $5000 if we are not following the regulations set by SA Government.
If your child is showing signs of being unwell during a meeting we will be calling you to come and pick them up.
Thank you for your understanding and we are so excited to see our families back in the environment in which Scouting best flourishes.
Please contact me at gl.gilberton@sa.scouts.com.au or 0431705321 if you have any questions.
Cherie Tomlin (Echidna)

Facebook Group

Cherie - Parents - almost 2 years ago (20 Feb 19)

Hi all,
I have created a private Facebook group for Gilberton Scouts.
It is moderated by leaders and members of the Parent Committee.
See the link:

If you have any problems connecting let me now on cetomlin@y7mail.com or add me as a friend and I will add you.

Please read and follow the guidelines for the page. Any inappropriate posts/comments or tagging of youth members will result in you being blocked from the group.

Thank you,