Working Bee

Barbara - Parents - 29 days ago (31 Aug 16)

A tidy up of the Hall and grounds is needed after the Work for the Dole Crew finished.

The Hall inside needs to be sorted, the area at the back of the hall needs sweeping, and if we can find some spare paving bricks – we need to tidy up the area between the Q Store and the Den.

Equipment needed:
Brooms, barrow, trailer
DATE: Sunday 25the September 2016 from about 9-12.

It promises to be a bit of fun..

Branch Commissioners Geocache Challenge

Barbara - Parents - 4 months ago (24 May 16)

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As you know this year celebrates 100 years of Cub Scouts. The Gilberton Cub Scout Group as part of this celebration is taking part in the Branch Commissioners Challenge. The Branch Commissioners Challenge contains six different parts that are being released over the year. We have almost completed part one and are working towards part two and three. Part three is based on outdoors. Part of this challenge is to find and log 100 Geocaches.

In order to achieve this I have created a Gilberton Cubs Geocache user name. The Geocache app that I have registered with is free to download via google play, apple and windows play. There is also a website. The website address is The user name for the group is 1st Gilberton Cub Sc, the password is Mowgli. If possible if you would like to go geocaching as a family can you please help us to get our 100 caches by using this app and user name. When you finds a cache can you please write a message on the app saying ‘another cache found by the 1St Gilberton Cub Scout Group’ then put your first name.

I would like to run a Geocaching night next term so please do not log any of the caches that are near the hall.

Community Lottery 2016

Barbara - Parents - 6 months ago (07 Apr 16) People's_choice_credit_union

Books for the 2016 Lottery will be available during the week 12-15 April.
Barbara will be at the Hall to hand them out.
It is expected that all families take a book to sell.
All proceeds will come to the Group.

We thank you for assisting with this fundraiser.

Books will issued during the week 11-15th April. Please return them by May 6th, 2016.

Tickets are available online also:

2016 AGM

Barbara - Parents - 8 months ago (03 Feb 16)


Scout Group Parent Committee

Monday 4th April 7.15pm

Gilberton Scout Hall

Welcome to 2016!

Barbara - Parents - 8 months ago (31 Jan 16)

To all our Scouts, Cubs, Joeys and Families

Welcome back to Scouts. 2016 is looking to be a good year, with many exciting and varied activities planned for each of the Sections.

Joeys will be led for Term 1 by Donna and Cherie (sometimes), but both ladies have other challenges for their time and are looking to step down….replacements are needed. If you feel you can spare an hour or so each week to help us out please have a chat with either Barbara or any of the other Leaders to find out what’s involved.

Cubs had grown during 2015 to the point where we have had to split the group and run two separate nights – you would have been asked to make a preference for either Wednesday or Thursday evening (same times : 7pm-8.30pm). So from 2016 there will be two Cub nights at the Hall. Both groups at this stage will be running the same programs, but we must insist that after the 1st week or two that you DO NOT SWAP CUB NIGHTS (if absolutely necessary, please have a conversation with the Cub leaders before changing).

Scouts have returned from Jamboree re-invigorated and re-energised (after catching up on a LOT of sleep) and are ready for new challenges. There will be a large number of Cubs coming up to Scouts this term so the challenge is on for the older Scouts to step up and pass on the skills learned to the younger ones (that is after all the Scout way). We will also have a couple of the senior Scouts looking to complete their Australian Scout Medallion – the highest Award in the Scout section in the 1st part of the year – bring on the Adventure!

Venturers has been quietly simmering away with most of the meetings last year being held mainly with the 2nd Prospect Sea Scouts down on Regency Rd. 2016 should see a few more youth join the group and the transition will be made to have the majority of meetings in the Gilberton Den. Remember if you are 14.5yrs or older – you are most welcome.

The Hall is getting a fairly major facelift this year following the replacement of the roof late last year. The Work For the Dole program will be painting, rejuvenating and tidying up the Den, Hall and Storerooms during the next 6 months. So bear with us as this work gets underway. The yard needs some better grass cover – any suggestions, contacts or other ideas are welcome. That work will be carried out in the latter half of the year.

New Parent Committee members are always welcome. The discussions are generally good value, meetings are short and to the point and a glass of wine/beer always makes for a pleasant atmosphere. Our next meeting will be on Thursday 11th February from about 7.00 in the Den (back of the yard at the Hall). Up for discussion are Fundraising ideas, Group Camp/Activity for 2016, and general chit chat about how the Group can best be managed.

Leaders are volunteers. Please remember this when having conversations with them. The opportunities that are here for your children are because they also want the same for their own children. They give of their time and energy freely, hoping that the youth will learn and have fun as they do so. Consider helping out. You will enjoy the experience and your kids will think you’re cool. And many more helpers makes the workload so much easier to bear.

Upcoming Events

Thu 29 Sep
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Centennary Cuboree



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